A Black woman standing in a dim parking garage with the light shining on her.
A Black woman standing in a dim parking garage with the light shining on her.
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To exist in this world being woman and Black is a masterful paradox. The dichotomy of womanhood and Blackness is unparalleled throughout humanity. To be woman and Black is to be the gravitational force that births inertia. We are that which keeps the Earth rotating. We are the world’s North Star. We are that which keeps families, communities, and society moving forward. We are the worlds muse. Yet, we are never recognized as such. We are never valued as such, and we are certainly never loved as such. We are invisible, like gravity. Our essence silently yet consistently doing what…

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It is piercing, Unforgettable, in the worst way imaginable. A silent thunderous wail of despair is purged from the crevices of my soul. It is stunningly intimate to be capable of such overwhelming pain. I’m uncertain of what to feel first while feeling it all once. The weight of it is heavily fragile and laborious. Exhausting and tiresome, depleting me of every fiber that completes me. Wholeness is no longer just like you. She made her departure with the vanishing of your existence. The easiest thing to accept is that I forfeited any say I may have in the matter…

Entry 1: Life is hard

“Good luck on them 20 somethings, God bless these 20 somethings. Hopin’ my 20 somethings won’t end. Hopin’ to keep the rest of my friends. Prayin’ the 20 somethings don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”- Solana Imani Rowe

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I’m going to go ahead and just state the obvious — life is hard as fuck. Especially right now during this uncertain, unprecedented, cataclysmic time we’re living in.

Allow me a moment to vent. I’m 25 years young and I still hear “you’re just a baby”, far more often than I’d like to. I’m not a baby…

A loud fallacy that couldn’t be more wrong.

Racism has always been an infamous paramount in American history. Recently, America is being forced to confront its’ racist and inequitable practices. Communal outrage and demonstrations have followed the magnification of several unjust murders of African Americans by the hands of the police and community vigilantes. …

“Maggie Brown, (2020)”

Atatiana Jefferson. Samuel Dubose. Philando Castile. India Kager. Sandra Bland. Natasha McKenna. Eric Harris. Brendon Glen. Christopher Davis. Dominique Clayton. Willie Tilman. Freddie Blue. Eric Garner. Alteria Woods. Michael Brown. Pamela Turner. Botham Jean. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd.

This has been an emotionally exhausting week as an African American — to put things lightly. Most of us began our week continuing to find our footing in adjusting to the societal new normal of sheltering in place at home, though some states have lifted safer at home orders. I, just like everyone else, am helping pass the time by frequenting my…

Dominique Simpson

The witty womanist. Writer, poet, and black literature enthusiast. Unequivocally and unapologetically black.

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